Workout: Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019

Red Wolf CrossFitClass: Workout of the Day

Red Wolf Crossfit - WOD

Yas Queen
Handstand Push Ups
KB Swings (Blue/Green)
Toes to Bar

*15 min cap

Push Ups or Pike HSPU
KB Swings (choose weight; perfect mechanics)
Abmat Sit Ups, V-Ups, Tuck Ups, or Leg Raise

Handstand Push Ups
KB Swings (Red/Blue)
Toes to Bar

Good Morning 4×8 (week 3 of 3)
15 min window:
Good Morning for load:
#1: 8 reps
#2: 8 reps
#3: 8 reps
#4: 8 reps
*complete 15-20 tuck ups or toes to rings after each set of good mornings

There are a few variations of the good morning that can be done to slightly change the muscles worked. Feel free to try these variations (please use the same variation for each set)

Wide stance: This activates the hamstrings and adductors.
Narrow stance: This will put more emphasis on the glutes.
Deeper knee bend: This variation allows you to use more weight and trains the lower back.
Seated: This is done on a bench and requires less weight. It focuses more on the isometric contraction of the lower back and core.