Workout: Thursday, May 9, 2019

Red Wolf CrossFitClass: Workout of the Day

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Is it pronounced Caribbean or Caribbean?

Wrong answers only please.

Thursday’s giveaway item is 4 weeks of private individual programming from Coach Matt or Caitlin (your choice). All you have to do to enter is to log your workout into SugarWOD before midnight.

CrossFit and the Hunt will be doing the same workout today.

Wall Walk Test
5 minutes to complete as many wall walks as possible

Scale Distance up wall as needed or perform push ups

Handstand Walk: Max Distance (Rx+)
5 minutes to Handstand Walk: Max Distance
*meters is the only available distance for measurement so log your max distance in feet
*25ft increments will be set up. If you fall during the 25ft. restart where you left off.

Flight Simulator
For time:

• Unbroken Double Unders

Option 1: 10 minutes of DU practice (10 singles + 1 Double Under) if you are successful then add another double under on your next round. If you fail re-start at 10+1 again.
Option 2: Unbroken Singles with the same rep scheme

Rx+ Same as Rx

Body Armor – Optional
4 Sets:
15 DB Hammer Curl
12 DB Bent Over Row
9 DB Strict Press
(Perform unbroken with one weight)
1 min Forearm Plank Hold after each set

Stiff arm plank or weighted plank hold