Workout: Thursday, Feb 21, 2019

Red Wolf CrossFitClass: Workout of the Day

Red Wolf Crossfit - WOD

The intramural Open begins tomorrow!

Earn points for your team each Friday or Sunday! Team with the most points after week 6 will have a “Intramural Champs” banner hoisted in the gym along with the team roster.

How to earn points for your team

1 point = complete the workout (Rx or Scaled)
2 points = participate in the weekly theme
3 points = Top 3 finishers for men and women (Rx – Judge required)

Genarro Week 3
Within a 12 minute window complete 4-6 sets of the following:
8 Barbell Bent Over Row
rest 30 sec
3 Weighted Strict Dips + 6-8 Strict Dips
rest 1 min before returning to the bent over row

*Fitness: 10 Negatives or Box Dips @ 30X2 tempo
*Score set 1 as bent over row weight and set 2 as weighted dip

3 sets:
AMRAP 1 min Muscle Ups
AMRAP 1 min KB Deadlifts 2x Red/Blue
AMRAP 1 min Strict Handstand Push Ups
Rest 1 min

3 sets:
AMRAP 1 min Pull Ups (or modification of choice)
AMRAP 1 min KB Deadlifts (choose weight; perfect mechanics)
AMRAP 1 min Push Ups
Rest 1 min

same as Rx