Workout: Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Red Wolf CrossFitClass: Workout of the Day

Red Wolf Crossfit - WOD

Double Under Clinic:
Saturday 2/16 @ 7:30 AM
Sunday 2/17 @ 9:30 AM

Vikings Week 2
Within a 15 min window complete 4-6 sets of the following:
7/leg Bulgarian Split Squat
rest 30 sec
3 Weighted Pull Ups [Pronated] + 5 Strict Pull Ups [Supinated]

*Fitness: 10 Jumping Negatives or Seated Pull Up (30X2) Tempo
rest as needed*

*Score heaviest split squat as set 1 and pull up as set 2

Karen’s Sister Sharon
For Time:
150 Wallballs 20/14# to 10ft.

*Every minute complete: 5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

*Every minute complete: 5 Assisted Pull Ups

*Every minute complete: 3 Muscle Ups

***15 min time cap