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At Red Wolf CrossFit we make it easy for you to get started.

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Your first class is free! Check out our class schedule and a coach will guide you through a class. We can modify ANY movement or workout to fit your needs!

Try a class
Learn fundamentals

Learn Fundamentals

Train one-on-one with a coach, learn the basics of CrossFit, meet the coaches, and make some new friends.

Pick a Primary Class

Choose a primary class that you will attend so we can track your progress and workout regularly with your core group.

Pick a class
Month of mentoring

Month of Mentoring

Your coach will guide you through your first 30 days to help keep you motivated and make sure you are not only improving but having fun too.

Quarterly Check-ins

We care about your progress! Your coach will check-in with you to make sure are working towards your goals.

Quarterly Check-ins

Your first class is free!

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